Neighborhood club in Toruń

How good it is to have a neighbor

The idea behind the Neighborhood Clubs of the Emic Foundation is to create a common space open to activities and activities, where everyone feels welcome. For us, the concept of neighborhood extends further than the street where our club is located, i.e. Klonowica 40/1 in Toruń. Our doors are open to everyone living in the Kuyavian-Pomeranian Voivodeship. The Emic Foundation works for people with migration experience who are taking their first steps in the Polish reality. In order to adapt well to Polish society, we believe that it is important that their paths touch the milieu of Poles and Polish women.

Why Neighborhood Club?

The idea to create places to unite local communities was born in 19th century England, where the so-called "Community centers" where people living in a given district could take advantage of the cultural, educational and sports offer, and most importantly, integrate, i.e. get to know each other. Integration is the main goal of our activities. Helping yourself, learning and spending time creatively. Activities at the club are aimed at people of all ages. For children, we organize tutoring, duty hours (which are also activities for parents, because this is the time when the children stay under the care of a volunteer-animator and the parents have a moment for themselves to do shopping, go to the cinema, and deal with urgent administrative matters). There will also be an attraction for young acting enthusiasts, such as meetings of the Theater Club, lovers of music making, or ecological meetings, which, through creative work, introduce children to the secrets of the world of animals and nature. Sometimes we are looking for a white-tailed eagle among the trees of the City Park in Bydgoskie Przedmieście, another day we bake muffins with fruit straight from the orchard. We organize culinary workshops. Each meeting is dedicated to a different country in the world. So far, we've got to know cuisine from Indonesia, Georgia, Ukraine and the United States. The meetings are called "Full Gary" because we don't let anyone leave us on an empty stomach. The next meetings will be devoted to Poland and Japanese sweets. As part of the Club's activities, meetings of the City Housewives' Circle are held, because who said that there will be no fans of canning, crocheting or make-up in the city? And here's a surprise! We go beyond the framework! We also invite men to our meetings and we do not focus only on stereotypically female activities, although we do not avoid them either, after all, the ability to cook is worth its weight in gold.

We work together! We work for you!

We try to make our activities varied, so that everyone can find something for themselves. Photo classes, meetings with handicrafts, film evenings. Before us are classes for beginner programmers and ceramic workshops. What else? If you have an idea to operate in the Club or want to initiate something, we are waiting for information.

Welcome! Neighborhood Clubs are a social place where every person who comes to it is both the creator and the organizer.