Neighborhood club in Bydgoszcz

The idea of ​​the Neighborhood Club

Everyone who has experienced migration knows that taking the first steps in a new country is not the easiest one. Regardless of whether we know the language and culture of a given country well, we are always "not at home". The Emic Foundation is trying to make people coming to Poland from other countries befriend our culture. Therefore, in July 2020, a Club with the unique name of the Neighborhood Club was established in Bydgoszcz. Integration is our main task so that everyone can feel that Poland is their second home. And the proverbial Neighbor is open and help.

The Neighborhood Club in Bydgoszcz is primarily made up of people who come to us to share their skills and experiences. The space of the Club, although small, is often filled with joyful songs and stories. Regardless of many, everyone will find their place here, because we try to make people who come to us feel at home with us. The family atmosphere is helped by parents who come to the Club with their families.

Come to us

Young children feel good in playing together, art workshops, theater workshops and music workshops. It is a colorful space where we learn to respect each other, work together and think creatively. In cooperation with parents, we help children learn so that they can find themselves in new schools. There are also classes with a psychologist once a month, who helps children understand and deal with emotions in a friendly way.

Older children feel at home in the club space, where they create creative works with us and help their younger friends. There is no age problem with us. Older children like to spend time with younger ones. Thanks to this, we all learn from each other.

Adults can spend time with their children during the "Coffee and fun" classes, during which we have fun and integrate. The Neighborhood Club also offers meetings for adults called the Circle of Urban Housewives. During our meetings, we discuss topics related to work, starting your own business, and learning Polish. People who want to share their skills with us will also find their place here, because the meetings of the Housewives' Circle are the time when we create handicrafts, learn to create, for example, Batki, embroider, paint on glass, or learn about photographic techniques.

Activities :