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The scenarios of lessons, extracurricular activities and student projects and the curriculum for teaching Polish as a foreign / second language were developed as part of the following projects:
1. Multicultural group and multicultural group 2.0 co-financed by a grant from the Ministry of National Education in 2018 and 2019
2. A still multicultural group financed by a grant from the Ministry of National Education in 2020 and the project "You have the right to know!" co-financed by the National Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund
3. Multicultural Group Plus co-financed by a grant from the Ministry of Education and Science in 2021.

These materials are the result of the cooperation of the Expert Working Group, which worked on the concept of the scenarios and their substantive preparation.

As part of the project, educational materials were created - lesson scenarios in the following subjects: Polish, history, mathematics, physics, social sciences, an hour at the disposal of the educator, music, career counseling, biology, geography, techniques. Student projects aimed at integrating the school community. The exact thematic scope of the scenarios was defined by the members and members of the Expert Working Group. All lesson plans relate to the new core curriculum (general learning objectives) of the 1st, 2nd or 3rd stage of education. We encourage you to download free materials.

We provide educational materials under the CC: Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 Polska licensehttps: //

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Polish as a foreign / second and school education language curriculum:
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