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Educational materials

Educational materials will appear soon.

Friendly School Program

The Emic Foundation invites schools with at least one foreigner studying to participate in the annual free Friendly School Program during the 2018/2019 school year. We are accepting the applications till September 10, 2018.

Who is invited to the educational program:

Two teachers are invited to the educational program (one should be a child’s caregiver), as well as a group of 15 students, who are being prepared by the school for II and III educational stage from the Kuyavian-Pomeranian Voivodeship. The Friendly School syllabus is being implemented within the framework of the “You Know the Right to Know” Project, co-funded by the State Fund for Refugees, Migrants and Integration.

The idea of ​​the program:

  • Encouraging the school community to aquire and expand knowledge about migration and migrants;
  • informing the participants about their role in integrating people of different backgrounds into the school community;
  • developing guidelines for openness or cultural diversity;
  • Increasing the social activity of students, as well as strengthening their competencies necessary for creating student projects.

Benefits for the school, pedagogical team, as well as students.

Within the scope of the program you will learn:

  • What are the causes of people migration in the world;
  • Which countries foreigners come from to Poland;
  • What are interdependencies in the world;
  • How to support the process of integration of people of different backgrounds into the school community;
  • What is a student project and how it can be implemented.

We offer schools:

  • Information meetings for directors, teachers;
  • workshops for students and pupils (for selected schools);
  • workshop for teachers (coordinators of school programs), as well as students;
  • training materials for school activities / workshops / lessons;
  • the final seminar of the educational program;
  • space on and on the facebook for the presentation of school activities;
  • a “Friendly School” certificate for the school, for teachers, as well as for children and youth.

What will be the  school involvement?

  • presentation of the principles of the curriculum during the pedagogical council (teachers / teachers);
  • Participation in seminars organized at school (for 15 selected students and pupils in selected schools);
  • implementation of 2 lessons based on scripts (teacher);
  • introduction of 2 thematic events or workshops (teacher with pupils);
  • participation in 2 seminars organized by Emik Foundation (teachers with 5 selected pupils);
  • work on a pupil’s own project aimed at integrating the school community (the creation of a student project and its implementation) (pupils with the support of a teacher);
  • submitting an annual report on school activities.

Plan of the “Friendly School” program in the academic year:

Month                                         Activity

August 21 – September 10 School selection 2018/2019
September 15th Announcement of the results of the school selection
September Information meeting with the administration and teachers – coordinators of school events – discussion of the cooperation terms
October Educational seminars in the schools for selected students
November 23-24 Seminar and joint training for schools (2 teachers and no more than 5 students from each school – selected from the training group mentioned above)
December- February Dissemination by the Emic Foundation of Educational Materials.  2  Demonstration lessons on the basis of these materials by teachers for selected pupils.
December – May Creation and implementation of a pupil’s project, as well as two thematic events or workshops.
May – June The final seminar of the educational program and presenting “Friendly School” certificates


An application for participation in the program may be submitted by directorate or a teacher, or a pedagogue, or a psychologist.

If you are interested in co-operation within the framework of the program, fiil in the application form.

Submitting an application does not yet mean being admitted to the Friendly School program. We can invite only a limited number of schools to participate in the program. Selecting applications, we will pay attention to the following:

Formal criteria:

  • at least one foreigner must study at the school;

Additional criterias:

  • the school indicates the need for intercultural integration as particularly important for it;
  • integration of foreign children is a problem for the school;
  • there were situations in the school that indicate the low-level acceptance of people from outside Poland;
  • educational motivation of teachers;
  • the school cooperates with an intercultural assistant;

On the enrollment in the educational program “Friendly School”, we will inform you by September 15, 2008

Don’t hesitate to write us for further information:

Additional documents:

Agreement on cooperation with schools

Friendly School Program curriculum

All responsibility for the opinions expressed lies with the authors. The European Commission and the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Administration are not responsible for the use of the information provided.

School Integration System

The model was created by the specialists of the Emic Foundation, the Polish Humanitarian Action and the Workshop on Sustainable Development in 2016 with the aim of involving school communities where foreign children are studying or in which they may study. The purpose of this model is to facilitate the work in a situation where children who study at school have different origins – especially at an early stage. The idea of ​​creating a system of school integration is the result of observing the existing practice of schools working with foreigners. School staff have confirmed that in most cases enrolling a foreigner to school they had no support or assistance on that issue. In this situation, each school community has developed its own tools and methods of work. The system allows schools that are facing a situation with a foreign student to take advantage of other schools previous experience. This is really essential for the enormous role schools play in the formation of local community, especially in sparsely populated areas. Often, this is the only place for the potential integration of foreign children and their parents into the community. Well-integrated activities at school usually play a crucial role in integrating foreigners.

The school integration system is a set of ready-made tools and ideas that will be used and which are divided into stages according to the chronology of the school year. The school integration system will be implemented within the whole period of the school year. It was created on the basis of many years’ experience of two parties: primary school named after the 16th Ulan Wielkopolskii Regiment w Grupie and the Gymnasium named after Felix Kikkulciy in Michal (Dragach Municipality, Kujawsko-Pomorskie Voivodship) and lesser experience of Primary School No. 5 named after Colonel Stanislav Sitka in Grudziadz.

This is a proposal for implementation at school, not an obligatory procedure. You can consider it as a model, but you can also use particular elements and solutions depending on your needs, for example, working with pupils with special needs.


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