Mobile office for foreigners

From year to year, more and more foreigners come to your commune / institution who need professional legal or procedural counseling. Employees of the commune / institution need support in servicing people from abroad? We invite you to cooperation! The Emic Foundation, together with the Kujawsko-Pomorskie Voivode, has been implementing the project "You have the right to know!" Since June 2018, under which a mobile office operates, where we provide support to foreigners from third countries.

Why is it worth inviting a mobile office to yourself?

Are people from third countries: Ukraine, Belarus, China or Vietnam employed in your Commune? Would you like them to feel good with you and stay longer? Do you care about building the image of your commune / institution open to foreigners? Is the language barrier a challenge? Or maybe the lack of specialists working in the intercultural area? Do foreigners come to your institution? Institution employees need support in contact with them? We have a solution for that! A mobile office for foreigners in your company. On board, among others a lawyer specializing in foreigners law and a psychologist working in an intercultural environment.

How to order a mobile office?

  • If you are interested in our mobile office coming to your company / institution, please fill in a short form.
  • Then we will contact you and arrange the details of our arrival.
  • We register using the form.
  • A foundation employee contacts you and provides you with any additional information.
  • We arrange a meeting together. A mobile office appears in your company / institution!

For detailed arrangements regarding the arrival of the mobile office, please contact Olga Kuratnik: tel. 507 412 653 The arrival of the mobile office is free of charge.