Psychological support

A special kind of support for people coming to another culture / country is the support of a psychologist, social worker or mentor. In addition to individual psychological counseling, those who need “first psychological aid” will be provided with ongoing social counseling for individuals and families, to facilitate their adaptation to society. Among those identified needs we can also indicate diverse problems associated with the residence location change, the experience of cultural shock, the problems of dysfunctional families, disorders associated with self-esteem, the lack of interaction with the environment or feeling of alienation.

Counseling will also be held the form of group meetings (e.g., competence development seminars, adaptive skills building, self-confidence, interpersonal skills), support groups (for example, for parents) and individual (personalized therapies).

Psychological support

To arrange the meeting with a psychologist, contact:

Lidia Chilivska-Barakat (, messenger: Lidia Chylewska-Barakat)

Make an appointment before your visit.

An appointment is possible after registration for participation in the project at the information center in Torun or Bydgoszcz.