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Employers Conference

As an integral part of our cooperation with employers, we organize conferences twice a year, at which we hold expert sessions on employment of foreigners, as well as sessions on the exchange of positive experiences.

Multicultural Management

Within the framework of this activity, we will implement the annual program of cooperation for firms, creating a system of certification of employers friendly to foreigners – who create “ethical” workplaces.

“Ethical workplace” is a system of employer practices in the field of:

  • system of remuneration of workers and employees, for example, the establishment of equal hourly minimum wages for foreign workers and Polish workers;
  • introduction of an “ethical” system of employment, for example, reduction of fees imposed on foreigners by employment agencies;
  • employment systems at the company – hiring of foreigners based on an employment contract;

The main tasks in the activities carried out within the framework of activities:

  • recruitment of employers to the program;
  • development of training and information materials for firms;
  • constant cooperation with the administration / owners of firms and representatives of employees;
  • coordination and monitoring of activities carried out by firms;
  • lobbying in organizations that bring together employers who are connected to hiring foreigners.


From quarter to quarter, we can trace the increasing interest of entrepreneurs in the employment of foreigners, and in order to improve this process, we invite representatives of the business sphere to work together. An additional step will be the creation of a platform for cooperation and communication, where foreign workers and employees, as well as employers, can establish contacts.


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