Polish summer course for foreigners


Free Polish language course for foreigners from outside the EU

We invite you for free Polish lessons in Toruń and Bydgoszcz! The holiday course (July, August, September) takes place twice a week: on Mondays and on Wednesdays in online mode.

Polish language courses are implemented as part of the “Masz prawo wiedzieć!” Project, financed by the Fundusz Azylu, Migracji I Integracji. The project is implemented by the Wojewoda Kujawsko-Pomorski and the Emic Foundation. The courses are addressed to foreigners from outside the European Union.

Important! Only persons registered for the project You have the Right to Know! They can take classes. If you do not register, please contact Marta Gaszak (Bydgoszcz) or Michał Antonowicz (Toruń).

Due to the fact that the classes will be conducted on-line – the place of residence of the person who is registering does not matter. If you want to continue learning in the following months in full-time mode, it is best to sign up for classes for teachers who conduct classes in specific cities.

Information is provided by:

Toruń (for groups led by dr Aleksandra Szwagrzyk Dalasińska): Joanna Gus (project coordinator, joanna.gus@emic.com.pl), dr Michał Antonowicz (consultant, michal.antonowicz@emic.com.pl, phone 507-412 -653), dr Aleksandra Szwagrzyk-Dalasińska (Polish language teacher, aleksandra.szwagrzyk@emic.com.pl).

Bydgoszcz (for groups led by dr Katarzyna Rytlewska): Marta Gaszak (consultant, punkt_fami@bydgoszcz.uw.gov.pl, tel. 52 349 76 91, dr Katarzyna Rytlewska (Polish language teacher, katarzyna.rytlewska@emic.com.pl ).

On-line recruitment for classes 12.06.-21.06.2020 via the form.

By sending your application via the form, you accept the following terms and conditions:

  • Priority in enrollment is given to people who have been in Poland for a short time (up to half a year) – this does not apply to people at level B1 and above and people whose financial situation does not allow them to study in commercial courses or do not have lessons at the workplace or at the university or at school.
  • The registration order applies during registration, the number of places is limited.
  • Persons who have participated in Polish language courses and have exceeded the number of unexcused absences cannot participate in registration.

Conversations with teachers and classification into groups:

Dr Aleksandra Szwagrzy-Dalasińska: 23.06., 25.06., 30.06.2020 (hours to be agreed individually – by e-mail with the teacher)

Dr Katarzyna Rytlewska: 22.06., 24.06., 29.05.2020 (hours to be agreed individually – by e-mail with the teacher).

Schedule Aleksandra Szwagrzyk-Dalasińska:

13.00-14.30 – English-speaking group, beginner level

14.45-16.15 – Russian-speaking group, beginner level (people who know the basics of the Polish language)

16.15-17.45 – Russian-speaking group, beginner level (basic Polish)

Schedule Katarzyna Rytlewska:

12.00-13.30 – English-speaking group, beginner level

14.00-15.30 – Russian-speaking group, beginner level (people who know the basics of the Polish language)

15.30-17.00 – Russian-speaking group, beginner level (basic Polish)