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Make your dream of your own business in Poland come true thanks to a franchise with Żabka!

Own business, as opposed to a full-time job, allows you to achieve financial results over which the entrepreneur has a real influence. In addition, he can manage the time he devotes to setting up and managing his business. There are many advantages of this solution - no wonder that many people, also from abroad, dream of acting on their own. Although their own business in Poland may seem to them a difficult desire to pursue, it does not necessarily have to be this way. The Żabka chain meets foreigners with its franchise offer.
  • I came to Poland from Ukraine in the second half of 2016, and for almost a year and a half I have been running my facility under the name Żabka. I got almost everything for the start - the store was prepared: it had furniture and all the equipment, as well as it was stocked with goods, all with a low own investment in this business. I also like the system in which I operate - the network thinks about many issues - as a franchisee we receive guidelines and recommendations from it on an ongoing basis, which we then introduce to our facilities - everything is clear and transparent. I know other foreigners who speak Polish well, have permanent residence and have also decided to open Żabka stores. Running a business opens up many opportunities for foreigners, such as taking out a loan or leasing a car. Network support also gives you a great start to being on your own. I am satisfied with this business and I sincerely recommend it - emphasizes the franchisee of the chain, Anna Mykolaychuk.

At the beginning of cooperation, the Żabka chain guarantees new franchisees a stocked and equipped store, guaranteed income in the amount of PLN 17 thousand. PLN per month for the first year of operation and a financial bonus of 10 thousand. zloty. At the same time, they only have to invest 5,000. zloty. The network prepares entrepreneurs to manage stores, including providing an intensive series of introductory trainings (theoretical and practical), followed by an exam, the positive result of which is decisive for becoming a franchisee. Then each new business partner is covered by a 3-month onboarding, during which qualified trainers from the strontium network teach him professional business management.

Recently, Żabka, in order to provide additional security for the entrepreneurs cooperating with it, introduced a new product called "Business Policy". It is an insurance that protects franchisees in the event of a negative financial balance at the end of cooperation.

A candidate who does not have Polish citizenship and comes from a country outside the European Union, in the recruitment process needs to show a permanent residence permit, a long-term resident's EU residence permit, a temporary residence permit or a valid Pole's Card with a visa and an application for a residence card. Persons who do not have Polish citizenship should present two guarantors who have such citizenship or, optionally, one guarantor and a deposit of PLN 25,000. zloty.

  • Do you dream about your own business in Poland? Check the franchise with Żabka and be successful in trading! Find out more at: www. zabka.pl/franczyza.
  • Contact: Franchise Development Ground Sylwia Strzeżek 797 057 401 and Anna Chmielewska 797 305 035