Mobile office for foreigners


Every year, the number of foreigners in your area increases, and they often need professional legal or procedural advice. Employees of your community/company need help in providing assistance to foreigners? We invite you to cooperation! Emic Foundation along with the voivode of Kuyavian-Pomeranian voivodeship have been carrying out a project “You have the right to now!” since June 2018. Within this project we run a mobile office where we offer assistance to foreigners from third countries. 

How will you benefit by inviting a mobile office? 

Do you have employees from third countries, i.e.: Ukraine, Belarus, China or Vietnam? Do you want them to feel good at work and to stay for longer? Do you care about establishing an image of your company as one that is open to foreigners? Do you struggle with language barrier? Or maybe there aren’t enough specialists in the multicultural field? Do foreigners visit your institution? Do your employees need help in communicating with them? We have a solution! A mobile office for foreigners at your company. We offer, among others, assistance of a lawyer who specialises in working with foreigners as well as a psychologist who works in an intercultural environment. 

How to get in touch with our mobile office? 

If you’d like our mobile office to visit your company/institution, you need to fill out a short form. We’ll contact you and discuss the details of our visit. 

  1. You register by filling out this form. 
  1. An employee of our foundation contacts you and provides all the information. 
  1. Together you agree on the date of the meeting. 
  1. The mobile office visits your company/institution.  

Regarding detailed arrangements concerning the visit of our mobile office, feel free to contact Magdalena Gabriel-Sokolnicka: , phone number 510 065 902 

Visit of the mobile office is free of charge. 

Mobile office