Neighborhood Club in Toruń


We invite you to read the proposals for activities in the neighborhood clubs of the Emic Foundation, implemented as part of the project “You have the right to know! Plus"



Speaking Club, Polish language in practice

Wednesday 01.09, 15.09, 29.09, 5:00pm-7:00 pm

Host: Natalia Konwerska

A language cafe is learning in practice. Anyone who learns a language knows that conversation and vocabulary are most important, and that only a few basic grammar rules are useful in everyday life. We invite foreigners learning Polish. Let's meet and talk. Pre-registration is required at the following e-mail address:

Holidays in the Neighborhood Club. Workshops and games for children

Thursday 02.09, 16.09, 23.09, 30.09, 2:00 pm-5:00 pm

Host: Natalia Konwerska

Animations, attractions, games and fun, that is a lot of activity and learning in the Neighborhood Club for the youngest. We invite children aged 5-12. Applications must be sent to the email:

Board games for children and adults 

Thursday 02.09, 5:00 pm- 6:00 pm

Host: Natalia Konwerska

A meeting with board games is a good idea to rest, spend time in interesting way and meet new people. If you think the same, it's a sign that you must visit us. Please subscribe to the e-mail:

Art workshops for children

Tuesday 14.09, 21.09, 28.09, 2:00 pm- 5:00 pm

Host: Natalia Konwerska

An ideal opportunity for children and teenagers to break away from the world of games and electronics. During the meetings, we will develop our creativity and manual skills. Applications are required to the e-mail:

Board games for children and adults

Thursday 14.09, 5:00 pm- 6:00 pm

Host: Natalia Konwerska

Sunbeds, drinks and watching a movie together, which is the perfect plan for the evening. In addition, it's all in the open air. Registration by e-mail: 

The City Housewives' Club. Linocut basics workshops

Tthursday 16.09, 5:00-8:00

Host: natalia Konwerska

Linocut is a graphic technique belonging to the relief printing techniques, in which the drawing is cut into the linoleum. During the workshop you will learn the basic secrets of this technique and create your own linocut.


Emotions big and small - workshops for children aged 3-12

Saturday 18.09, 10:00 am- 12:00 pm

Host: Magdalena Pyrek

This is another meeting with a psychologist - Magdalena Pyrek. The workshops are mainly aimed at stimulating children's senses - sight, hearing, smell and even taste. Receiving stimuli with the help of the senses supports the proper development of children. We cordially invite you, it will definitely not be boring!



"Goals and dreams. How to achieve them?" Group meeting for adults Torun

Saturday, 18.09, 1:00 am-3:00 pm

Host: Margarita Judina

Living in a foreign country changes many aspects of our lives. We hope for a change for the better in the new place of residence, new job and surroundings. We invite you to a workshop where you will learn what to do in order not only to set yourself goals, but also to achieve them.

The Circle of Urban Housewives: Sport training

Tuesday, 21.09, 5:00 pm-6:00 pm

Host: Paulina Fedorowicz

A meeting for people who want to actively spend time in the company of inspiring people. We also invite men! Registration via e-mail:

Language exchange

Wednesday, 22.09, 5:00 pm-7:00 pm

Host: Natalia Konwerska

Language exchange is a method of language learning based on the mutual practice of the language by learning partners who use different languages. Usually this is done by two native speakers who learn each other's mother tongue. Registration:

Language games for children

Thursday, 23.09,30.09, 5:00 pm-6:00 pm

Host: Natalia Konwerska

A meeting for children that combines learning Polish with fun. During the classes, it will turn out that even dictation can be fun. Entries: