About the project

Since 2015, the EMIC Foundation has been helping migrants and refugees to take their first steps in Poland. We are committed to the people we support, we want them to become independent, to master Polish language and to get to know Polish culture, for they could find themselves in new everyday life and become a part of it, as well as gain financial independence.

Currently with Kuyavian-Pomeranian Voivode we implement the project “You Have the Right to Know! Plus” which provides legal, psychological, linguistic and integration support to foreigners from outside the EU. Our activities are co-funded from the National Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund Program.

The project "You have the right to know! Plus ”is an extension and continuation of the“ You have the right to know! ” Project. As part of it, we organize activities aimed at foreigners and foreign women from outside the EU. Project implementation period: January 2020 - August 2021.

Project partner: Voivodeship Office based in Bydgoszcz Co-financing: Program of the National Asylum, Migration and Integration

Fund What do we offer as part of the project?

  • we provide access to adaptation and educational courses with legal and cultural elements;

  • we provide access to comprehensive legal, psychosocial (also for children and youth), professional and entrepreneurial counseling;

  • we run Polish language courses; - we organize teacher's duty hours and tutoring for children and youth;

  • we support the passions of children and young people by organizing a passion and hobby fund;

  • we run neighborhood clubs in: 1)Toruń, at ul. Klonowica 40/1, 2) Bydgoszcz, at ul. Gdańska 128;

  • we organize integration meetings for adults, children and youth;

  • we offer support and mediation of volunteers in contacts with offices and health centers;

  • we run information and advisory points for foreigners and foreign women in Bydgoszcz and Toruń: 1)Information and advisory point in Toruń at Klonowica 40/1 street, e-mail: emic@emic.com.pl, tel. 507 412 653, 2) Information and advisory point in Bydgoszcz at 128 Gdańska Street, e-mail: emic@emic.com.pl, tel. 501 186 730

Find out more at: Maszprawowiedziec.com.pl Information on the project "You have the right to know! Plus " from Przemysław Wyciechowski, e-mail: przemyslaw.wyciechowski@emic.com.pl